On Music

Recently, a favorite band of mine named “Blaue Blume” have released their new single, called “Macabre”. (Go ahead and listen my Blaue Blume playlist!) And you know, you get goosebumps and tears (I think that would make a great band name btw) when you hear/see/experience something truly beautiful. Well.. that happens to me a lot when I listen to this great band from Denmark.


The thing is, they made me appreciate music a lot more. Also, isn’t it weird that among all those songs/albums released, we love only a very small subset of them? It’s like we all have some neural networks that are initialized with random weights and in the end some songs make our neurons fire and some do not.

Some songs make our neurons fire and some do not.

And then I watched this old video from Vsauce (It’s been 5 years wtf!?):

Is the number of all possible songs uncountably infinite? Please go ahead and enlighten me about the countability of all the possible music we can produce/generate. In any case, the number of all the music scores we can compose is pretty big. Yet, we seem to be interested in only a really small subset. And maybe we can use this knowledge to create better compression algorithms? And yes, I do know that we get rid of less audible sounds and kinda fine tune the audio signal for human ears, thanks to psychoacoustics.

Also, are there any other life forms who appreciate sound waves? They may be totally unresponsive to them I guess.. What do they do to wind down after a long day? I think I will be long dead when we get answers to these questions and that sucks.

Hmppfssss.. whatever, go ahead and listen to this great band and have a great day! 🙂


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